Memorial Day Weekend


After a long and very cold winter, we are pleased to announce the unofficial start of the summer season here at the Pines!  We are so excited to kick off this exciting time with all of our loyal campers!  There are many activities planned for children and adults of all ages to participate in.  And now, for what you all have been waiting for….THE POOL IS FINALLY OPEN (Opens at 9AM and closes at dusk)!!!  This is sure to be a Memorial Day Weekend you will not forget.  Bring your friends and family to start this summer off the only way we know how, here at White Pines Campsites.

Friday, May 25nd

6:00 PM   After that long drive up to the Pines and all of that hard work you did while setting up camp, we know you surely don’t have the energy to cook dinner for everyone…so join us in the café!  This is the opening night of our café at the pines and you will not be disappointed.  Come see Marilyn for a scrumptious meal!

7:30 PM   It’s BINGO time!!  Join Ms. Deb after you eat that yummy meal at the café for a night filled with BINGO.  Test your luck and see if you can win the pot!  Seats fill up quick so make sure to arrive at 7:30, the game starts promptly at 8 PM.

8:00 PM   Calling all children!!  While Mom and Dad are winning big at the White Pines BINGO game, why not watch a movie?  There will be refreshments served.  Why not relax after that long day and bring a blanket to snuggle up with while you finally unwind.

8:30 PM   An outdoor movie under the stars on the rec site (weather permitting.) There is seating, but feel free to bring your own lounge chair or a blanket. Kids in jammies welcome!

Saturday, May 24rd

9:00 AM   After that late night, we are sure that you are hungry!  Good thing the café opens up for breakfast!  Come on down.

10:30 AM   Calling all of our campers!  It is time for our wagon ride around the campground.  Whether you are visiting with us for the weekend or have been here for years.  We encourage you to meet Gary (the Hayman) behind the pavilion to embark on this adventure.

12:00 PM   Horshoes!  Meet at the pits!!  ($$)

12:00 PM   While mom and dad are playing horseshoes, why not join in on our lego craft!  We are building a campground city.

1:00 PM   Calling at piners!  Why not join the fun by completing our scavenger hunt??  Pick up your list from Marilyn, location TBD.

2:00 PM   Adults, it is your time to shine!!  Are you feeling artsy??  We meet us on the pavilion to create your own military wreath.

5:00 PM   It’s dinner time again!!  After all of this going on today you are most definitely hungry!  Stop by the café for a nice meal.

6-7:30 PM   Now the moment you have all been waiting for…it’s time to break out the bounce house!  What better way to kick of the summer than starting up one of the most exciting things here at the Pines.  Meet at the pond to get in on the action! $5 for a bracelet that will last the whole weekend! ($$)

8:00 PM   Phew!  Well now that this day filled with fun is coming to an end, what better way to end it than with some music!  Please welcome The Bad Penny Band to White Pines!  This is the perfect opportunity to dance a little, sing a long, and mingle with friends both new and old!  Meet on the pavilion for some great entertainment.

Sunday, May 24th

9:00 AM   It’s breakfast time again already?  No need to worry, the café is once again open to cater to your breakfast desires!  Stop by to get your day started off the White Pines way!

10:00 AM   Don’t worry, we would just tease you tiny piners (ages 3-8) with one day of fun just for you…that’s why we are doing two!!  Meet Ms. Deb at the pond to build some sand castles…who’s will be the size of a kingdom?  You will have to go to find out!  Again parents, please accompany your tiny piner to this activity.

11:00 AM It’s wagon ride time!!  What better way to start the day here than with a nice and relaxing wagon ride?  You are able to sit back and enjoy the grounds of White Pines and make new friends while on it!  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to get your seat!  And after the wagon ride, why not meet us by the flagpole at the pond to celebrate our vets?

12:00 PM   Horshoes!  Meet at the pits!!  ($$)

12:00 PM   While mom and dad are playing horseshoes, why not join in on our lego craft!  We are building a campground city.

2:00 PM   It’s about time to get a little crazy here at the pines…let’s play some pool games! Meet in the pool area to get in on the action, children 14 AND UNDER must have an adult present in order to participate.  A perfect way to make some new camping friends or mingle with old ones!  Either way this is a perfect way to get to know everyone a little bit better.  We hope to see you all there.

4:00 PM   Who is ready for Sunday’s craft?!  Join Marilyn in the café to see what she has in store!

5:00 PM   Supper’s on!!  Swing by the café for yet again another fresh meal…See?  We have you covered, After these busy days we know you lose track of time, so stop in to energize and refuel for tonight!

6-7:30 PM   It’s that time again…meet at the pond for get in on all of the fun at the bounce house!!  This is constant fun for those who participate you will never want it to end!! You will be very disappointed if you do not come to this awesome activity! If you didn't get a bracelet yesterday, it's $3 for a bracelet to last today and tomorrow! ($$)

8:00 PM   It's time to dance the night away with some music brought to you by DBI Trouble DJ!  Meet us on the pavilion to have a dance off!

Monday, May 25th

9:00 AM   We wouldn’t send you home without offering some freshly cooked breakfast, stop by the café if you need a break from packing up camp or are just itching for a delicious and hearty breakfast.

11:00 AM   We know, we can’t believe the weekend has come and gone so quickly either.  But we are ending it the only way we know how…with a wagon ride.  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to make sure you hitch the last ride of the weekend.

12-2:00 PM   It time for one last bounce house time!!  Meet at the pond to jump all your tears away because you have to leave the Pines for the week…we will miss you but will see you again soon! $1 for unlimited trips through if you have yet to purchase a bracelet!

First and foremost, thank you all for coming this weekend we truly do appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope you all had as much fun as we did with all of the activities, the pool being opening and the entertainment we planned for you.  But no need to be upset, there is another weekend in just four short days, that’s right!  It’s a short week so that means we are that much closer to another fun filled weekend here at the Pines!  Join us next weekend for our Wine Tasting Weekend.  We will see you all next weekend and have a good week!