Welcome campers!!  It’s that time again!!  To celebrate that hillbilly in all of us…we have a chuck full weekend of activities for campers of all ages!  Games, contests, entertainment and so much more!!  We can’t wait to spend this weekend with all of you! Don’t forget about our White Pines Wing and Chili Contest on Saturday at 5:00pm. Sign up in the store ahead of time to let us know you will be participating in our cook off! Now, let’s see what’s in store for us…



6:00 PM   After all of that unpacking, why not stop by the café for a yummy dinner made to order?!  It won’t disappoint.


7:00 PM   It’s time for our White Pines wagon ride!!  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to take a nice relaxing trip around the campground!


7:30 PM   It’s BINGO time!!  It wouldn’t be a weekend at White Pines without it!  Make sure you get there soon though; the game starts promptly at 8.  Don’t miss it!  GOOD LUCK!


8:00 PM   It’s time for some night games!  Meet at the REC site to get in on the action!  What could be better than having fun with friends and sitting by a fire with some s’mores?



9:00 AM   As many of our campers know, our kitchen is open for breakfast!!  Come on down for a nice fresh breakfast that is made to order…you won’t be disappointed!


10: 30 AM   It’s wagon ride time once again, this is a perfect way for you all to become familiar with the campground or to just enjoy some relaxation! Meet behind the pavilion.


11:00 AM   Right after the wagon ride, don’t go anywhere!!  We have a craft waiting for you on the pavilion!  This is the perfect way for you to test your creativity and make something that will be unique to yourself that you can keep for a very long time!


12:00 NOON   We can’t forget our weekly game of horseshoes! Head down to the pits and test your luck! ($$)

12:00 NOON   Our Lego city is looking fantastic! Come down to the rec site for some Lego fun!


2:00 PM   Let’s meet on the backfield for a game of corn hole! Don’t miss out!


5:00 PM   What better way to celebrate than with food? It’s time to show everyone what you’ve got in our White Pines Wing and Chili contest! Do you think you have what it takes to make everyone’s mouth water and take the winning spatula? Let’s find out!

6:00 PM   Is it dinner time already? The café is open and they have a special dinner in store- hot dogs and beer! Come fill your bellies with some yummy food!

7:30 PM   It’s time for our White Pines wagon ride!!  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to take a nice relaxing trip around the campground!

7:00 PM   It wouldn’t be a hillbilly weekend without hillbilly games, so meet on the pavilion! See you there!


8:00 PM   Now time for some awesome entertainment!  Meet on the pavilion to listen to music from John McBeth! Bring your vehicle down for a good ole tailgate while you’re at it!



9:00 AM   It’s breakfast time once again…before you start packing up from the weekend, come to the café for some delicious food.


10:30 AM   What better way to end an amazing weekend at the Pines than with a wagon ride?  You guys know the deal, meet behind the pavilion!


We hope you had as much fun as we did this past weekend and we are so upset to see it come to an end!  But join us next weekend for our Christmas in July Weekend! Santa has made his reservation and is sure to be seen around the campground, and might even have a few surprises up his sleeve! Please be sure to discuss anything with us regarding this weekend or weekends to come; we welcome compliments and suggestions.