Casino and Kid’s Party Weekend!

Part II

Welcome campers to one of our most popular weekends of the year!  Nothing gets much better than testing your luck with your fellow campers and close friends. First of all, we hope all of our campers enjoyed themselves last weekend and we are looking forward to seeing those who visited us again very soon!  Now, on to this fun weekend!!  What could be better than sitting up on our pavilion spending time with friends and winning some super cool prizes?!  Let’s answer that for you…nothing! Wooooo!  Let’s get started!

Friday, August 28th  

6:00 PM   Dinner is served!!  Join Marilyn in our café to indulge in some yummy food that is made to order.

7:00 PM   It wouldn’t be a weekend here at the Pines without our famous wagon ride, ask anyone…it is a perfect way to relax after a long day of setting up camp.  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to begin this great weekend!

7:30 PM   It’s BINGO time!!!  Meet Ms. Deb in the café to play some bingo and test your luck, it is the perfect start to a casino themed weekend and will definitely get you in the mood to attend the casino if you weren’t already.  Make sure you get there at 7:30 because the game starts promptly at 8.

8:00 PM   It’s movie time!!  Come on down to watch a movie with all of your friends, and remember we encourage you to wear those jammies to be as comfy as possible.  Popcorn will be served and it will be outside weather permitting.

Saturday, August 29th

9:00 AM   Wake up!!! Breakfast is served!  Meet in the café to have a super yummy breakfast made to order…you will not be disappointed!

11:00 AM   Hey hey hey!!!  It’s wagon ride time!!!  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to kickstart this beautiful Saturday, better yet…come down and have breakfast and you will already be there waiting for the wagon to arrive!

12:00 PM   Horseshoe time!!!  Meet at the pits to test your skills and develop relationships with those campers of ours that have been playing for years.  All are welcome to join in on the fun. ($$)

1:00 PM   It wouldn’t be a weekend at the pines without one of Marilyn’s crafts!! Join her on the pavilion to test your artistic ability, you will not be disappointed!

3:00 PM   Have energy?  Want to get it out?  Well join us on the back field for some field games!!  A perfect way to develop relationships, enjoy the weather and kick some butt!!!

6:00 PM   Dinner is served!!  Join us for some spaghetti and meatballs!

8:00 PM   It’s casino time!!!  We know, many of our campers have been waiting for this weekend since we opened our gates in April, well guess what?!  It’s here now!  Come to the pavilion to start the various games we have set up for you.  It is sure to be a good time for all who participate!

8:00 PM   Don’t worry kids…while your parents are at the casino we will be having our very own kids party in the café!!  With games, crafts and certainly some fun!!  Woot woot!  This is going to be a night to remember!

Sunday, August 30th

10:30 AM   Come on guys, you know what’s going on…it’s the last wagon ride of the weekend LWe know, we know…but that just means you have to come on down and meet Gary behind the pavilion to make sure you can take the last ride before the week starts. 

THANK YOU TO OUR LOYAL CAMPERS WHO NEVER FAIL TO MAKE US HERE AT WHITE PINES SMILE EVERY WEEKEND! We truly hope that you had an awesome weekend and we can’t wait to see you again very soon!  Next weekend is Labor Day Weekend!  We have tons of fun activities planned for campers of all ages!