PLEASE NOTE: This activity schedule identifies the theme for the weekend and does not reflect all planned activities. About a week in advance, this schedule will be updated with the details of all of those activities and their times.

The White Pines prom is finally here!  This is always a hit with all of our campers!  There are many fun things to do this weekend, but most of all we have to get ready for the prom!!  Don’t miss out on this good time here at the Pines.




6:00 PM   After all of that unpacking, why not stop by the café for a yummy dinner made to order?!  It won’t disappoint.


7:00 PM   It’s time for our White Pines wagon ride!!  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to take a nice relaxing trip around the campground!


7:30 PM   It’s BINGO time!!  It wouldn’t be a weekend at White Pines without it!  Make sure you get there soon though; the game starts promptly at 8.  Don’t miss it!  GOOD LUCK!


8:00 PM   It’s time for a movie and campfire!  Meet at the REC site to get in on the action!  What could be better than a nice relaxing night watching a movie and sitting by a fire with some s’mores?? That’s what we thought, nothing.



Tonight is the prom!  Make sure to participate in all we have to offer and get ready for an amazing time tonight!


9:00 AM   It’s time for some yummy breakfast prepared by our very own Katie!  She looks forward to this every week, so make sure to pay her a visit!


11:00 AM   It’s time for our morning wagon ride!  Meet behind the pavilion to get in on the action!


12:00 PM   Who wants to help decorate our wagon for the wagon ride that will be picking up all of our prom goers later on?!  Well meet at the REC site to help make the wagon ride nice and elegant!


2:00 PM   It’s time for some crafts.  It wouldn’t be prom without corsages!  Meet on the pavilion to create your own!


4:00 PM   It wouldn’t be prom without getting your hair, nails and make-up done!  Meet in the family room to get pampered like a princess.


7:00 PM   It wouldn’t be a prom if you didn’t have a fancy ride to arrive in…that is why we are sending around our wagon to pick up all of our prom goers!  Don’t miss your ride!


8:00 PM   It’s time for prom!!  Finally, after a long day of setting everything up, it is time to enjoy it!  Royal Affairs will be DJing for us to ensure the night is the best it could possibly be! 


9:30 PM   Of course at prom we must crown the kings and the queens…we will be crowning a king and queen (senior), a king and queen (junior) and a tiny pine king and queen.  Make sure to get there and cast your vote and of course have a great night!




9:00 AM   It’s breakfast time once again…before you start packing up from the weekend, come to the café for some delicious food.


11:00 AM   What better way to end an amazing weekend at the Pines than with a wagon ride?  You guys know the deal, meet behind the pavilion!


We hope everyone had an amazing time at prom this weekend!  We sure did!  Join us next weekend for backwards weekend!!  We are trying something new here at the pines!