Once again, welcome to one of our most popular weekends up here at the Pines!!  This one is sure to not disappoint!  We have many fun activities planned for you all you, including the famous boat construction!  We hope you all have as much fun as we plan to!  Now let’s get started!




6:00 PM   After all of that unpacking, why not stop by the café for a yummy dinner made to order?!  It won’t disappoint.


7:00 PM   It’s time for our White Pines wagon ride!!  Meet Gary behind the pavilion to take a nice relaxing trip around the campground!


7:30 PM   It’s BINGO time!!  It wouldn’t be a weekend at White Pines without it!  Make sure you get there soon though; the game starts promptly at 8.  Don’t miss it!  GOOD LUCK!


7:30 PM   Meet at the REC site for a movie under the stars!!!  S’mores will be provided!




9:00 AM   As many of our campers know, our kitchen is open for breakfast!!  Come on down for a nice fresh breakfast that is made to order…you won’t be disappointed!


10:00 AM-11:00 AMMeet in the family room to collect the rules for the boat construction that will be taking place later on today!!


11: 00 AM   It’s wagon ride time once again, this is a perfect way for you all to become familiar with the campground or to just enjoy some relaxation! Meet behind the pavilion.


12:00 NOON   Meet on the pavilion for a pirate craft!!  Don’t miss it!


1:00 PM-2:00 PM   It wouldn’t be a pirate weekend without a treasure hunt!!  Pick up your list on the front porch of the store!


3:00 PM   After spending that time working on the boat, it is now time to have it inspected to ensure the safety of the sailor!  This will be taking place in the backfield.


4:00 PM   Now, the moment you have all been waiting for!  It is time to race those boats in the pool!!!  Good luck to all of the participants!


6:00 PM   It’s dinner time!! Meet us in the café for a delicious meal cooked by one of our own!  Why not make it a cook out?!?  Join us! ($$)


8:30 PM   Join us on the pavilion for some karaoke!  There will be a costume contest and pin the eye patch…it is sure to be a great time and we look forward to seeing you up there!




9:00 AM   It’s breakfast time once again…before you start packing up from the weekend, come to the café for some delicious food.


11:00 AM   What better way to end an amazing weekend at the Pines than with a wagon ride?  You guys know the deal, meet behind the pavilion!


We hope you all had a wonderful time this weekend!  Join us next weekend for our White Pines Prom!!  This weekend is a hit with all of our campers, it is a perfect way to bring everyone together and celebrate a great night!!  We look forward to seeing you!