If you do the crime, you do the time. Here at White Pines Campsites, we need you to help us solve a mysterious murder that has taken place. Do you have what it takes to act your part in the mystery? (Find out at our Murder Mystery Dinner/Potluck on Saturday at ____). Now, let’s see what other mysteries this weekend will hold!

 *This schedule is subject to change due to weather*


7:00 PM   Wagon Ride! A great way to relax after a long night of setting up and sitting by the fire; like always, meet Gary behind the pavilion to hop on!

7:30 PM   Did somebody say BINGO? That’s right, head to the café to purchase your bingo cards and the game will start promptly at 8. Good luck! ($)

8:00 PM   Come relax and watch a family movie down at the rec site! We will provide a camper’s favorite treat too: SMORES!


 10:00 AM   It’s wagon ride time! Meet Gary behind the pavilion to be involved in this White Pines tradition of kick starting the weekend with a relaxing ride around the campground. Enjoy!

12:00 PM   It’s that time of day! Meet down at the pits for a game of horseshoes or basketball. Which one will you choose?

2:00 PM   Calling all kids! Come down to the rec-site to do a craft with Marilyn! What will it be?

3:00 PM   Come on ladies, it’s time for an adult craft down at the rec-site. See you there!

7:00 PM   You know what time it is! It’s time for a wagon ride! Meet Gary at the back of the pavilion for a relaxing, night ride around the campground!

7:30 PM   Come to the café for an ice cream social twist: Murder Mystery. Will this be a cold-case, or will you have what it takes to solve the murder?

8:30 PM   It’s time for some trivia! Everyone come join us in the café for trivia night games! You won’t want to miss this!


10:00 AM   We know the weekend has gone by way too fast, but before you go home be sure to meet Gary behind the pavilion to go on one last wagon ride!

We all hope you had as much fun this weekend as we did! Join us next weekend for Craft Extravaganza Weekend and show off your creative side! Hope to see you there! Please be sure to discuss anything with us regarding this weekend or weekends to come; we welcome compliments and suggestions.