Howdy campers! It’s that time again to celebrate the redneck side in all of us! We have a weekend full of fun activities for campers of all ages! Games, contests, entertainment, and so much more are awaiting you! And don’t forget- be sure to purchase your tickets and sign up for the Saturday  Pig Roast dinner by 2PM on Saturday! On Saturday night, we will have a contest for best redneck costume, so start thinking of some ideas! Now, let’s quit shootin’ the breeze and get down to business!

 *This schedule is subject to change due to weather*


7:00 PM   It’s time for a wagon ride! It wouldn’t be a White Pines weekend without our famous wagon ride to kick start the season! Meet Gary behind the pavilion to hop on!

7:30 PM   BINGO! Get your dabbers ready! Purchase your bingo cards and the game will start promptly at 8. ($)

8:00 PM   What a perfect way to wind down after a long day of unpacking and traveling! Change into some comfy clothes and enjoy a family movie down at the rec site!


 9:00-11:00 AM   We hope you’re hungry, because it’s time for a pancake eating contest! It’s $2 for kids and $4 for adults, and all the money will be donated to Make A Wish! There’s also a chance to win some prizes!

10:00 AM   It’s wagon ride time! Meet Gary behind the pavilion to be involved in this White Pines tradition of kick starting the weekend with a relaxing ride around the campground. Enjoy!

10:00 AM-12:00 PM   Redneck construction, cans duct tape and cardboard, pavilion to judge

12:00 PM   It’s that time of day! Meet down at the pits for a game of horseshoes or basketball. Which one will you choose?

1:00 PM   Calling all kids! Come down to the rec site to do a craft with Marilyn! What will it be?

2:00 PM   Head to the backfield for Redneck games! A root beer chug, toilet seat toss, and more are waiting for you!

3:00 PM   Come on ladies, it’s time for an adult craft down at the rec site. See you there!

3:00-5:00 PM   Who’s ready to Slip n’ slide? Come to the backfield to join in on this awesome activity!

6:00 PM   It’s time for dinner! Come to the pavilion for the White Pines Pig Roast ($$). Remember, tickets and sign up is required for this event!

7:30 PM   If you still aren’t full, join us in the café for a pudding eating contest! Yum!

8:00 PM   It’s time for some live entertainment! Head to the pavilion to listen to our band, line dance, and more! Don’t forget, we will be having a contest for best redneck costume!

8:00 PM   For all you kids that aren’t into the music, come down to the rec site for game night!


9:00-11:00 AM   Wake up campers! Breakfast is being served at the café, so make sure you stop by for something yummy!

10:00 AM   We know the weekend has gone by way too fast, but before you go home be sure to meet Gary behind the pavilion to go on one last wagon ride!

We hope you all had as much fun as we did! Join us next weekend for Casino Weekend: Round Two. Test your luck and see if you can win big here at the Pines! Please be sure to discuss anything with us regarding this weekend or weekends to come; we welcome compliments and suggestions.