Casino Weekend: Round Two


It’s once again time to see how lucky our campers are! Do you have what it takes to hit it big at the White Pines Casino night?! Take advantage of this second chance! We have a lot of fun activities planned for you all, so let’s get started!

*This schedule is subject to change due to weather*



7:00 PM   Calling all campers! It’s wagon ride time once again! Head to the back of the pavilion to meet Gary and hop on!

7:30 PM   BINGO, BINGO, BINGO! Who’s ready to play? Meet Deb in the café to buy your bingo cards, and the game will start promptly at 8. Don’t miss out! ($)

8:00 PM   Come relax and watch a family movie down at the rec site! We will provide a camper’s favorite treat too: SMORES!



9:00-11:00 AM   Wake up campers! Come get a nice hot breakfast from the café! ($$)

9:30-11:00 AM  Outpost Adventure Activities: Our new location for getting grubby and dirty and having fun in the outdoors. Sign up in the store and meet us at the swings. Adventurers ages 8+, please!

10:00 AM   Who’s ready for a wagon ride? Meet Gary at the back of the pavilion to go for a relaxing ride around the campground before our day truly begins!

11:00 AM   Meet at the front of the store to collect your scavenger hunt list, and get to searching! Who will return with all of the items first?

12:00 PM   It’s that time of day! Meet down at the pits for a game of horseshoes or basketball. Which one will you choose?

1:00 PM   Calling all kids! Come down to the rec-site to do a craft with Marilyn! What will it be?

1:30-3:30 PM   For our younger campers, come and cool off in the NEW Bouncy Castle/Waterslide!! For campers ages 8 and under and less than 90 lbs, please!! (weather dependent)

1:00-2:00 PM   It’s time for an Arcade Party! Join us in the arcade for games, contests, and ice cream sundaes!

3:00 PM   Come on ladies, it’s time for an adult craft down at the rec-site. See you there!

4:00 PM   We hope you have a sweet tooth, because it’s time for candy BINGO! Bring 3 pieces of candy to the café to participate! Good luck!

5:00 PM  Hey campers! Come to the backfield behind the pavilion for the Slip n Slide!! (weather dependent)

7:00 PM   It’s wagon ride time! Meet Gary behind the pavilion to be involved in this White Pines tradition of kick starting the weekend with a relaxing ride around the campground. Enjoy!

8:00 PM   Are you ready to test your luck? It’s time for White Pines Casino night! Come to the pavilion with any snacks and drinks, and be ready to play Blackjack; gather your winnings for the chance of some great prizes!

8:00 PM   For all the kids whose parents are at the casino, join us in the café for a kid’s party! There will be games, crafts, a movie, and snacks that are sure to keep you busy!

11:15 PM   Test your luck one last time this weekend with 50/50 one shot BINGO! Come to the café to play!



9:00-11:00 AM   Breakfast is served! Head to the café for a yummy breakfast made to order!

10:00 AM   We hate to see you go, so how about we fit in one last wagon ride? Meet Gary behind the pavilion to enjoy the last bit of the weekend!


Thank you once again campers for spending this weekend with us! We hope you had fun! Join us next weekend for Back To School Weekend! There will be games, crafts, and entertainment that are sure to distract you from the fact that school starts back up again! Please be sure to discuss anything with us regarding this weekend or weekends to come; we welcome compliments and suggestions.